About us

UAB „Donauto“ has been providing car rental and car repair services in Šiauliai since 2007.

Every year we update or change our car park based on the needs of customers, innovations, safety and economy standards. We offer the most favorable conditions to rent 5 seat passenger cars, cargo vans and 9 seat passenger vans. We also offer luxury car rental with a driver. We can arrange your trip to/from the airport.

Our credo – We care what you drive! – That’s why we to rent cars which are only a few years old, with automatic or mechanical gearboxes, gasoline and diesel engines, and now we offer to rent a hybrid car powered by gasoline and electricity.

We offer the largest choice of cars to rent - you can rent a small city car Peugeot or Fiesta, the new Ford Focus, the most popular Nissan crossovers. For German-quality lovers we will offer Audi, Volkswagen and of course the newest third-generation BMW models cars. For those who want a bit more exclusivity we can offer the Jaguar XF.

Price? The best price-to-car ratio, because we offer new cars for the price of old!

Choose and book now!

• Passenger Car rental;

• Luxury car rental (business class cars with and without driver);

• Car rental for weddings (with and without driver);

• Rental of 9-seat vans;

• Cargo van rental.

• Returning from abroad? Personal Car Failed? A larger vehicle is needed - take advantage of the car rental company DonAuto! Call, write or visit the car rental office in Tilzes 110A Šiauliai, and we will reserve your chosen car. If necessary, we will deliver the vehicle to the desired location (free of charge in Šiauliai city).

• Have you got into an insurance event and do not know if you own a replacement car? Contact Us - We'll help you to deal with the insurance company and offer the best car for rent.

• We transfer you to / from Riga, Kaunas, Vilnius, Palanga airports (additional fee).

• Fast and convenient car reservation. You can book a car in the most convenient way: on arrival (Tilzes 110a Šiauliai, across the bus station); by calling the specified phone or simply filling in our booking form on our website. We will respond to your request within one hour.

• We offer short and long term car rental.

Why rent a car in DonAuto?

• Large choice of cars of different classes and types.

• Fast and convenient car reservation

• Consulting, car rental advice by e-mail, telephone, messenger, Viber or direct chat message through our website.

• Flexible discount system

• Fast and pleasant service

• You can rent additional equipment (child seat, phone holder) with us.

• You can hire a car just for a working day (8:30 am to 5:30 pm on weekdays and 9:00 to 14:00 on Saturdays).

• Minimum deposit amount - only 150 €, maximum - 500 €. (Depends on the car).

| Popular cars

BMW F30 328i 2014 Rental
BMW F30 328i 2014 Rental

Working day rental - 55€


Audi A3 2018 rental
Audi A3 2018 rental

Working day rental - 50€


HYBRID Ford C-Max 2018 Rental
Ford C-Max 2018 Rental

Working day rental - 35€


Volkswagen Transporter 2017 Rental
Volkswagen Transporter 2017 Rental

Working day rental - 45€


| Special offers

BMW 320i M 2018 Rental
BMW 320i M 2018 Rental

Offer! Working day rental - 60€