Car rental policy

When renting a car, the lessee must present a personal identification document and a valid driver’s license. By taking the car, the tenant pays for the entire rental period and leaves a deposit depending on the chosen car (from € 150 to € 500).


Insurance is already included in the rental price.

All rental vehicles have international insurance cards. It is forbidden to drive the car outside of Lithuania without prior agreement with the Lessor. Not all cars are allowed to be driven in foreign countries (when booking a particular car, you must inform about plans to drive the car abroad). Conditions for going abroad are discussed individually.

Drivers' age and driving experience requirements depend on the car. (Please ask separately).

Minimum driving experience is 2 years.

Rental price includes:

·         Insurance;

·         Technical assistance;

·         Road assistance.

Lease term

Minimum Rental Period is Working Day (8:30 – 17:30).

The maximum term is unlimited.

A one-day advance booking is only accepted for the Jaguar XF.

The landlord reserves the right to cancel the reservation in case of emergency (car breakdown, damage, accident). In the event of cancellation, the Lessor undertakes to repay the advance payment. No other possible losses will be compensated.

We offer a long-term rental of the chosen car. The price and conditions are adjusted individually.

Car delivery and returns

In Šiauliai city we deliver and collect the car (if possible) for free. By returning the rented car later then the office closing hours, the Lessor reserves the right to charge an additional fee for this service. Car cleaning fee is 10-20 €. The landlord reserves the right to charge extra for cleaning if the car requires it.


If you lose vehicle documents, keys, damage the tire, a fine is imposed (depending on the situation). In all unforeseen circumstances, we try to find a mutually acceptable compromise.


The car is rented with a full fuel tank and must be returned with a full fuel tank

| Popular cars

BMW F30 328i 2014 Rental
BMW F30 328i 2014 Rental

Working day rental - 55€


Audi A3 2018 rental
Audi A3 2018 rental

Working day rental - 50€


HYBRID Ford C-Max 2018 Rental
Ford C-Max 2018 Rental

Working day rental - 35€


Volkswagen Transporter 2017 Rental
Volkswagen Transporter 2017 Rental

Working day rental - 45€


| Special offers

BMW 320i M 2018 Rental
BMW 320i M 2018 Rental

Offer! Working day rental - 60€